4 methods to enable Built in Administrator account in windows 8 , Windows 7 and vista

Microsoft has recently released the Developer Preview of windows 8, However , like the previous versions of windows ( Windows 7, and vista ), there is a built in administrator account.But it's not enabled by default.I'll be explaining 4 methods to enable it.
NOTE:The methods below start by elevating a run command. you can start them by just typing the command in the start menu box or ....start>run>   or using the keyboard shortcut (win key + R) to start the run box.

Method 1 : Computer Management.
1 - Run compmgmt.msc

    2 -  Navigate to Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users > Administrator.
    3 - Right Click on Administrator > Properties >
    4 - Uncheck  Account is disabled .  and press apply.
    5 - LogOut , and it will be there.

    Method 2 : Local User Management. 

    1 - run lusrmgr.msc

    2 - Navigate to Local Users and Groups > Users.
    Local User Manager is a part of "Computer Management", that "lusrmgr.msc"  is a part of "Compmgmt.msc". so the rest goes as the previous method.

    Method 3 : Security Policy. 

    1 - Run secpol.msc .

    2 -Navigate to Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.

    On the right Side, you'll find on the top "Accounts:Administrator account status" Double Click that , or Right Click > Properties

    3 - Choose Enabled > and hit OK. you're Done :D

    Method 4 : Command Line.  
    For this method, you need to run the command line as administrator.

    For vista and windows 7, just type CMD in start menu > R.Click > Run as administrator

    for windows 8 , when in metro UI, just type cmd ,it should look like that.
    Right Click on cmd.exe , it should look like that.
    Click on Advanced > Run as administrator
    Whenever you reach the Command prompt. copy and paste the following line

    net user administrator /active:yes

     You should get The "Command Completed Successfully." . now you're done :D.
    Log off and you'll see the administrator account in Logon Screen

    So, which way is your favorite?