How to Backup Firefox Profile with a single click using winrar

Ok guys,everybody knows there are alot of ways to backup your firefox profile and settings,the latest was FireFox sync by Mozilla , today i can tell you how to backup your firefox profile ( settings,bookmarks,extensions ,passwords,history,.......) with a single click using winrar
I know i could do it after i know about some features in winrar SFX archive
ok here we go

1 - start>run> %appdata%

2 - find the folder mozilla R-click > add to archive

3 - Browse where you want your backup to be always created

4 - check the Create SFX archive

5 - Go to advanced tab and click SFX options

6 - In the general tab, add %appdata% to the Path to extract box 

7 - in the modes tab, check overwrite all files , you can hide start dialog as well if you want ( it's the one that have the extract button)
8 - Go back to the general tab>profiles>save current settings as new profile

9 - check all except Set as default profile
10 - hit ok, and hit ok again. now the profile creation will start

11 - now you have the shortcut on the desktop. you can drag it to the taskbar to pin it to quickly and easily create a backup

Enjoy. and please leave a comment if you have any suggestions