Restore a firefox profile backup

The first thing you need in this tutorial is a firefox add on called
FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)

There was a post about this addon and you can find it here

There is no problem in making a backup for the whole profile. the problem was
in restoring it. i tried to restore it but there were some troubles that i could
finally find a solution for them. i had to create a new profile to restore that
backup to it and here are the steps to create one
  • Close all running firefox instances.
  • start→run→ firefox -p , you should see something like that

  • create a new profile. i don't think there will be any troubles with this step
  • start firefox after choosing the first profile (it is the one that have FEBE installed)
  • When firefox starts go to tools →FEBE→Restore→Restore profile
  • Browse your pre backed up profile and then choose the new profile you created , by default (if you didn't change it , it is called Default user. continue with it and close firefox
  • Now again go to Start → run → firefox -p
  • Choose the profile you created a min ago and start firefox
  • Enjoy using your profile again
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