Synchronize Google Documents with Local Files/Folders with KUMOSYNC

Syncing you Google docs with your local files and your google account is now made easy with this simple app called Kumo Sync.
It's got some really nice features. You can see it running in the taskbar, supports multiple accounts,can sync automatically and best of all, it can assign a drive letter to the folder you're syncing

How to Create Icons from Images or Extract them from other files

Ever wanted to make your own .Ico files? you can do it easily if you have the image and you want to convert it to the icon or you have an exe, dll, or ocx file with these icons and you want to extract them.
1 - SimplyIcon :

The easiest way of creating icons from images. Just a drag and drop is enough to get the icon from the image.

4 methods to enable Built in Administrator account in windows 8 , Windows 7 and vista

Microsoft has recently released the Developer Preview of windows 8, However , like the previous versions of windows ( Windows 7, and vista ), there is a built in administrator account.But it's not enabled by default.I'll be explaining 4 methods to enable it.
NOTE:The methods below start by elevating a run command. you can start them by just typing the command in the start menu box or ....start>run>   or using the keyboard shortcut (win key + R) to start the run box.

Method 1 : Computer Management.
1 - Run compmgmt.msc

    How to get a video that you've just watched on youtube without downloading it !

    Hey guys,how are you doing? have you ever watched a YouTube video , liked it , and wanted to get it ?
    well, I've you've already watched that video, then, believe it or not, it's already downloaded. you just have to do some tricks to get it.I'll explain these tricks here

    Before you continue reading this post,you should know that this trick works for windows in Firefox, Chrome and Opera , maybe other browsers , but I'm not sure
    well, here we go
    1 - If you feel like the video, then just go to start and  type ( %temp%) without brackets and hit enter

     It'll be better if you did that step before the video is fully loaded , it'll make things easier

    2 - take a look at the %temp% folder structure .Free Screen Sharing service from is an online service from that allows you to share your computer screen with your friends or partners at work easily,the good thing about it is that you can share the screen with more than just one person at the same time, and there is chat..........
    Enjoy :D